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 LVPD application

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PostSubject: LVPD application   Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:54 am

First name : Luke
last name: Herald
Address; 102 meadoviewlane Phone number: 423-552-3624 Life Biography My guy was born in florida goes to the beach alot and likes to eat ice cream. Likes to help people in anyway and will put someone before himself. likes to play basketball and football. Likes to spend time with family and friends aslo enjoying life as we live it . Doesnt like to fight over anything. Thinks anger is a bad thing. doesnt like anyone mad at him. Will do anything to please anyone not in a perv way . Why would you like to join the department? (50 words): I would like to join the lvpd to be a cop andensure the safety of all players and fairness of any situation. And would like to be a cop that ISNT A DICK HEAD like other cops on other servers and i would work hard and be on often. If any assisttance was needed i would be there to help other police officers. Why should we choose you, instead of other applicants? What makes you special? (20 words) I think you should pick me becasue im a hard worker and would do my best to be the best. I would works my hardest to ensure that EVERYONE is having a good time and will jin the server back and maybe bring friends. First name: Luke
age: 15
Origin: TN
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PostSubject: Re: LVPD application   Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:11 am

Its Wrong but this is your first apply so ima approve it but you will not be leader

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LVPD application
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